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p. 186   (Declarative statements 2-3-1) 
            John's sick.
            He's taken an aspirin.

            (Wh-questions 2-3-1)
            Who will help?
            What about Jonathan?

            (Commands and command-form requests 2-3-1)
            Fix me some soup.
            Please add noodles.

(Unfinished statements 2-3-2)
            John's sick…(… but I think he's going to work anyway.)
            He's taken an aspirin…(… but I don't know if it helped or not.)
            She said she was alone…(… but I'm not sure I believe her.)

p. 187  (Unfinished statements creating suspense 2-3-2)
            I opened the old suitcase…(… and found a million dollars!)
            I told her the news…(… and she fainted!)

   (Tag question eliciting agreement 2-3-1, 3-1)
            We really ought to visit him, should't we?

   (Yes-no questions with question word order 2-3)
            Have you got a minute?
            Can I ask you a question?

    p. 188  (Open-choice alternative questions 2-3)
            Would you like some coffee or tea?

   (Yes/no questions with statement word order 2-3; 2-4)
            The plane left already?
            It left from Gate 47?

   (Echo questions 2-3)
            What am I doing? I'm going skiing.

    p. 189  (Repetition question 2-3)
            What are you doing?
(I didn't hear you. Can you repeat?)

           (Repetition questions 2-4; 3-4)
            What are you doing? or You're doing what?
            (I can't believe you are going to do that! Are you out of your mind?)

   (Tag question signaling uncertainty (2-3-2) 2-3)
            He usually arrives around noon, doesn't he? 
            (I think he arrives around noon, but I'm not sure.)

   (Series intonation (2-3) 2-3 2-3-1)
            Bob's car needs a new tailpipe, new shocks, and a new battery.

    p. 190  (Closed-choice alternative question (2-3) 2-3 2-3-1)
            Will you be paying by cash, credit card, or check?

(Appositive constructions 1-2-1)
            Mr. Jones, our new biology instructor, comes from New York.
            Mitosis, a term for cell division, is a complicated process.

    p. 191  (Parentheticals - phrase initial 2-3(2)
            Jonathan, could I ask you a question?
            You know, you really out to relax more.
            That idiot, he took the car keys!

   (Parentheticals - mid-sentence and sentence final 1-2)
            The reason my homework is late, Professor Smith, is that I was sick.
            It's going to rain, I'm afraid.
            Just drop me off at the corner, please.

    p. 192  (Compound/complex sentences)
            When Bob went to pick up the car, the tailpipe fell off.
            He punched the mechanic in the nose, and now he's being sued.
            When Bob punched the mechanic in the nose, did the mechanic hit him back?