Peri-urbanization and Global Environmental Change

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Project Framework / Steps

Last Updated: 2007-10-10

This project has a 3-year time frame (Aug. 2007 ¡V July 2010) and aims to study urbanization and change in ecosystem services in Taipei-Taoyuan peri-urban areas from the perspective of global environmental change. Figure 1 is the proposed framework of research and the contents of study for each year are summarized as follows:

Fig. 1    Framework for the study of global environmental change and urbanization in peri-urban area


1st Year (2007/08/01 ¡V 2008/07/31):

1.     Effects of globalization on land use change in the Taipei-Taoyuan peri-urban area.*

2.     Natural environment and ecosystem services in the Taipei region.

3.     Facts regarding Global Environmental Change (GEC) in Taiwan?

4.     The effect of GEC on the resource base of the Taipei Region?

5.     The consequence of the effect of GEC on natural processes in Taipei.*

 2nd Year (2008/08/01 ¡V 2009/07/31):

1.     Effects of urban land use change on ecosystems service in Taipei-Taoyuan¡¦s peri-urban area.*

2.     Effects of ecosystem service change on human environment.*

3.     Effects of natural process changes on urban land use.

4.     Effects of GEC on urban environments.*

 3rd Year (2009/08/01 ¡V 2010/07/31):

1.     Develop an integrated system model for examing the vulnerability and resilience of land use change in the Taipei-Tauyuan peri-urban areas.

 - System dynamics, vulnerability/resilience, institution/governance, spatial simulation

2.      Simulation of interaction and response in urban systems.

3.      The influence of global environmental change and social response on urban-rural land use dynamics.

During the second year, an International Forum on Global Environmental Change and Land Use Change in Peri-Urban Areas will be organized and international collaborators will be invited to Taipei to share and discuss the research findings.

 * Items #1, #5 from the 1st year and items # 1, #2, #4 from the second year are items aim to obtain cross-country comparisons  of Asian cities from international collaborators of this project.




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